Xbox Free Play Days 06-09 February

As we used to, from time to time there are games that can be played for free by Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. You will have full or partial access to the game. In most cases the full content of the game is available. So, you can complete the full story of the game without buying it. Three games are available for free playing on Xbox Free Play Days 06-09 February.

Xbox Free Play Days 06-09 February

  • Surviving Mars
  • Dead by Daylight: Special Edition
  • Secret Neighbor

Surviving Mars

In this game, your mission is to colonize the planet Mars. For citizens to survive in this hostile environment, you have to build Domes and other buildings that can provide oxygen, water and food. The resources vary depending on where you build your colony. So, make sure you pay attention on this before you start your game.

Dead by Daylight: Special Edition

In this horror game you can choose if you want to be the killer or one of the survivors. You can choose between 20 survivors characters and 18 killers. Depending what you choose, either to be a killer or a survivor, you will have different objectives. Every game starts with a team of five survivors and one killer. As a survivor your goal is to repair all the five generators available on the map. When this happens, the gate will open and you can escape from the map. This will not be easy because the killer will be always on your track, trying to catch you. He is more powerful and has more speed. You cannot fight him, your only option is to run, using traps to slow him down. If you choose to play as a killer, your objective will be to sacrifice the survivors to the Entity. For this, you have to catch them and hand them into meat hooks and make sure no one saves them. You can also destroy the generators and slow they escape plan.

Secret Neighbor

This is another horror game in which some kids try to sneak into their neighbor basement and save their friend. But there is a problem, the neighbor is disguise as a kid among them. If you play as the neighbor, your goal is to catch all the children before they enter the basement. As a children, you have to find the key in neighbor house and enter the basement.

Discounts on Microsoft Store

You have discounts for each of these games in Microsoft Store

Surviving Mars – 50% off

Dead by Daylight: Special Edition – 50% off

Secret Neighbor – 20% off





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