Lego DC Super-Villains: Free to play 13-16 June

With Xbox Free Play Days, this weekend we have the chance to play for free the game Lego DC Super-Villains. This is an action adventure Lego themed game. The action takes place in the DC universe. Because this game focus more on super villains, you will mostly play as evil characters. You will also have the chance to play as DC super heroes, such as Super Man, Flash, Green Lantern and many others.

What I like at this game is that you cane customize your own character and play with it in the story mode. At the beginning of the game, you will have the possibility to create your own character and customize it as you like. This character will be a key factor in the development of action. During the game you will get more powers.

Whit your customize character you will start as a super villain, but at the end of the game you will have the chance to choose between good and evil. Because you saved the world, Super Man and the other super heroes will want you on their team, to protect the world. On the other side, Lex Luthor will try to convince you to remain evil and join his team.

In terms of achievements, this is an excellent game to increase your gamerscore. Just by completing the game story I managed to make over 400 gamerscore in about 11 hours. If you are a completionist, you have to play over 40h for the full 1000 gamerscores. There is a lot of content and collectibles that you have to collect.

If you didn’t played Lego DC Super-Villains yet, you can still download it and play for free during this day. Make sure you have an active Xbox Live Gold membership and start downloading the game.


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